Perfomance Artist/Actor/Actress/Dancer

Perfomance Artist/Actor/Actress/Dancer

Perfomance Artist/Actor/Actress/Dancer 150 150 brutallautproduction
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Brutal Laut Production


Dear Performance Artists and Actors,


For our coming-of-age movie „A Portrait Of An Artist“, we are still looking for our main character. Milan is a young artist who is terrorized by his thoughts of success and failure. His character is filled with hatred, hunger for individualism, and loneliness. However, he finds „peace“ in the making of art that is also simultaneously a fight with his persona and ideas of the world. He is captured in the pressure of suffering.


We are looking for a roundabout 17-23-year-old Milan and also a +30-year-old Milan. The short film has a jump in time which is why we would like to have two actors.


The shooting days are the 27th & 28th of January 2024! Please let us know about your availability because we could arrange the days in a way that it isn’t necessary for the older Milan to be there on both days.


The short film is supposed to work in mute, therefore we are looking for a person who feels comfortable portraying strong emotions through facial expressions and body movements. If you have an interest in performance, theater, or acting and feel comfortable in front of a camera, we would love to cast you for our movie.


If you want a link to the expose as well as to the script we will forward the needed documents.



Wolfgang Schulz and Celine Sasha Faktorovic


P.S. Please note that the age brackets are approximate and we are open to considering candidates outside these ranges if they feel they can embody the character of Milan well. In addition, we are a queer-friendly crew with many people of migration. Therefore, for us it is important to create a safe space for everyone.

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