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Language Assistant

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Language Assistant (f/m/d)

Job Description
• Able to translate dialogue in script from English into mother tongue (Spanish, French, Cantonese, Japanese, Danish, Polish) , providing and advising on in-character translations that will match the personality, background and manner of that character expressing themselves.
• Liaising with editorial to match the writing style by paying close attention to the use of tenses, grammar and choice of words.
• On set cover for own language scenes. Listening to make sure the language/dialogue makes sense in context of the scene as it is shot. On hand for changes and amendments.
• Liaising with Script Supervisor if there are any discrepancies. Rehearsing and running lines with actors, if needed. Perhaps to provide support and possible recordings if needed.
• Relaying notes or any feedback between actor and director to a team speaking in different languages.

Project: 1899 Series
Production companies: Dark Ways & Netflix
Dates of production: April to end September 2021, Berlin/Brandenburg
Approximate on set days within 6 month period is 50-60. A schedule of dates will be produced nearer the production time. Language assistants will be paid on a daily basis.
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