Seeking DOP, Crew, Actors for Short Experimental Film about dying beautifully

Seeking DOP, Crew, Actors for Short Experimental Film about dying beautifully

Seeking DOP, Crew, Actors for Short Experimental Film about dying beautifully 150 150 bsoul7
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Short Experimental Film about dying beautifully


A young man studying in Berlin receives news that his favourite aunt is dying. When he visits her in a local hospital, she shares with him that she does not want to die there or at home but somewhere beautiful. He soon experiences that being with a loved one who is dying is sorrowful but also beautiful. During this intense experience with her end of life, he develops Chromesthesia and his thoughts involuntarily trigger colour changes in his sight.

Key Creative Introduction                     

John Graham is an award winning Canadian visual artist and independent filmmaker who has created 9 short experimental films which have been screened at over 185 film festivals worldwide in 38 countries. John is the writer, art director, director, producer and editor of this new short experimental film project. John will be based at the GlogauAIR International Artist Residency in Kreuzberg in April/May/June 2023 to further develop, organize and shoot this exciting project in Berlin. Death and dying are perpetually sensationalized or trivialized in film and media worldwide. This is what we will disrupt in this new film project that will embrace naturalism, otherworldliness, visual poetics and philosophy.

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Project Description

·       We are seeking experienced (agent-free) actors, dancers, crew and project collaborators in Berlin (or nearby) who are interested in volunteering to contribute their passion, creativity and technical skills to this intensely poetic and philosophical independent film project. Ideally we are seeking a cinematographer (or two cinematographers) with their own high quality video equipment or access to high quality video equipment. We are hoping to film the project in either 2K or 4K video. Although this project has a modest budget, it has high quality artistic aspirations!

·       All selected performers, crew, creatives and other project participants will receive appropriate film credits. Food and drink will be provided on set during meetings and all film shoots. Transportation assistance to meetings and film locations will be also available.

·       Claus Gahrn will be composing beautiful music for this new film project. Claus is a Professor at the Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark. Claus has scored 8 of John’s short experimental films. Claus has deeply enjoyed the creative freedom given to him in each of these projects to develop his moving and meditative music to amplify the mood of each film.

·       We are seeking several film shoot locations in Berlin that include a lecture hall, a room in a nursing training facility, and a beautiful park with trees by canal or lake. Any assistance with securing these film shoots sites for one or two days each would be invaluable.

·       After the film is shot in Berlin, John Graham will edit the project in Canada. This film production may also be completed with long distance editing feedback consultations via Zoom. A project release date of late 2023 is anticipated.

*If interested in applying to join this project, please contact John Graham at



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