Editor*in für Kurzfilm gesucht/Seeking editor for Shortfilm

Editor*in für Kurzfilm gesucht/Seeking editor for Shortfilm

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Seeking an editor for a low-budget short shot in Oxford, UK in October. Unfortunately we have very little budget left – could negotiate a small fee but can’t promise anything substantial.

MALILA is a study of shame. How do we react when we’re caught in a compromising situation? How much information is needed to exercise power over someone else? MALILA examines these questions by observing a girl’s unwanted encounter with a strange figure.

The film was shot on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini over three days by DOP Norbert Varjasi https://www.norbertvarjasi.com/ in the UK. We are looking for a Berlin-based editor to help us edit the project – preferably early next year (Jan/Feb/March)

Please email me arjuna.ham@worc.ox.ac.uk with previous experience & portfolio if interested. If you would like some still from the raw footage or have questions feel free to email also (in English or german).


Um sich für diesen Eintrag zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an arjuna.keshvani-ham@worc.ox.ac.uk

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