A Guide To Film Funding - with Anna Markovski

14Aprganztägig15A Guide To Film Funding - with Anna Markovski(ganztägig)(GMT+00:00) Lahnstraße 25VeranstaltungWorkshop


This is a workshop for practitioners, who want to acquire, apply and manage their finances for a film project. On the first day we will provide the necessary information on funding. The second day will be dedicated to working on funding applications; either on a sample project or on your personal project.


We will look into the German and International funding scene for film.

You will learn on how to produce and obtain the required documentation, calculation , contracts and permits for the project and on how to fill the application forms.

We will advise you on how to best approach the subject and on how to creatively improve your chances.


Handouts, sample contracts, financial plans, calculation sheets and other information will be provided.


Participants who want to work on their personal application are requested to provide the following information up front until 05.April 18, so that the lecturer can prepare the consultation. Any participant is requested to provide at least a biography. Your data will be treated by the lecturer and the workshop participants under non-disclosure:


Information needed for consultation: Biography and/or Filmography, Script, Synopsis, Treatment, Mood Board, Shooting List, Calculation (if available), Marketing material (if available)


The Workshop will be conducted in English. We will be using Microsoft Excel spread sheet software and Preproducer (https://www.preproducer.com/) for the calculation of budgets.. Any user can apply for a free test version of the software.

For your information: The use of a shooting scheduling and film calculation software as Preproducer or SesamSoft facilitates the budgeting process, but can be achieved by other means as well e.g. solely by using spreadsheet software.



Lecturer: Anna Markovski
Born 1987, in Moscow
2004-2008 studied Linguistics and Literature in Moscow;
2009-2001 studied Film and Media Studies at Ruhr University Bochum
2011-2015 studied Ethnographic Film, Visual Anthropology at HafenCity University Hamburg.
Since 2013 internships and freelance by NDR, production companies18frames, Doppelplusultra, Filmtank
in Hamburg and Sales/Distributioncompany Film Movement and Zeitgeist in New York.
Since 2014 Focus on format development, production, realization of different feature length documentaries as producer and production assistant.
2016  Participant at Ex Oriente Workshop
2017  Participant at EURODOC Producer Workshop.


Date and Time:

2 days on Sa-Su, 14-15.April 2018 / 10-18:00hours




filmArche e.V, Lahnstr. 25, 12055 Berlin, Seminar Room S1,

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/8s2apqcfpWp



Booking and Fees:

Participants will have to book seats until 05.April 2018.

The booking fee for private participants is 100EU.

a reduced fee of 80EU can be applied upon request;

participants being registered by companies are requested to contribute 120EU


Seats can be booked by sending an eMail to the contact (see as follows) at filmArche and transferring the fee to the account:


filmArche e.V.
IBAN: DE63 4306 0967 1179 7422 02




For any questions about booking, fees, participation, content of the work shop, materials to be sent for consultation, ect. Please contact:


filmArche e.V.


c/o Bodo Heiss

eMail: bheiss@gmx.de


14/04/2018 - 15/04/2018 (ganztägig)(GMT+00:00)

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