Ableton-Introduction by Boris Donskoff

21Okt(Okt 21)11:0022(Okt 22)20:00Ableton-Introduction by Boris DonskoffWorkshop11:00 - 20:00 (22) Lahnstra├če 25VeranstaltungInfoveranstaltung,Workshop


Introduction to the use of Ableton through the lens of experimental music/sound making in movie context by Boris Donskoff

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The workshop will be an introduction to the Ableton software, with the aim of discovering its basic functions, tackling a few notions of sound theory, and working simultaneously with a video and a sound track. As written above, I learned the use of Ableton by myself. Therefore, I will teach you the way I discovered this software, the tips I use intuitively, and reveal the general approach I had as a complete beginner. That will give you the ability to quickly use Ableton for your personal projects. You do not need any musical knowledge to attend this workshop.

Boris Donskoff is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance (classical guitar) and a Master’s degree in Music Pedagogy at the Musik Akademie Basel, they combine solo performances, concerts, teaching activity and composition as their main area of focus. They had the opportunity to work on different music fields, such as chamber music and orchestra, free improvisation, sound engineering, electronic music and film music . They collaborated with various artists, such as graphic designers, writers or filmmakers, for whom they produce soundtracks, and mostly get their inspiration in inter-disciplinary art. They are recording, composing and producing music mainly on Ableton, with a self-taught approach.They have been living in a collective farm in France for two years now, based on peasant farming and food self-sufficiency, as well as small-scale production for the nearest village.

It will be divided in 3 parts:

  1. First block will be talking about Ableton basics, in a brief summary.
  2. Second block will be a practical exercice, concerning the processing of an audio track on a video medium.
  3. Third block, which will be following the previous one, will deal with the creation of a sound atmosphere, putting into practice the use of effects and basic ableton functions.

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21 (Samstag) 11:00 - 22 (Sonntag) 20:00