Brazylyan Cineclub - Closing Session Day 7.

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Closing Session of the event series (previous attendance is not required)
Day 7. Contra-colonial proposals in contemporary Brazilian cinema

We started with the first recorded images in Brazil and arrived at contemporary cinema. For our last meeting, we will have the closing of the filmclub. The idea is to discuss how contemporary Brazilian cinema has been structuring answers to our colonial past and post-colonial situation and re-imagining Brazil from contra-colonial perspectives.

Thinking about Brazilian cinema from other references that are not only cinematographic, the idea is to discuss social and political issues in relation to the context of decolonization from Brazilian thinkers, trying to find a counter-colonizing grammar. How to turn to the past with a critical eye on genocide and slavery? How to face the possibilities of diasporic ties and imagine possible futures? How to face the oppressive structural racism of the present from a liberating and anti-colonial perspective?

We will watch together in class three short-films and a medium-length film:

Emicida – Eminência Parda part. Dona Onete, Jé Santiago e Papillon (Evandro Fióti, 6’, 2019)

The White Death of the Black Wizard (A morte branca do feiticeiro negro, Rodrigo Ribeiro, 11’, 2020)

NoirBLUE – displacements of a dance (NoirBLUE – deslocamentos de uma dança, Ana Pi, 24’ 2017)

Seven Years in May (Sete Anos em Maio, Affonso Uchoa, 43’, 2019)

About the Lecturer: Rodrigo Campos, Bacharel in Film, organized many film clubs, worked inside archives with film preservation and research on Brazilian film history.

The classes we had before:

Day 1. Once upon a time in Brazil: an eternal colony? will be hold ONLINE – zoom link through registering
Day 2. Cinema Novo and the aesthetics of hunger
Day 3. A marginal cinema in face of a military dictatorship
Day 4. Independent cinema: plural, multiple and peripheral
Day 5. Dystopian present: the emergence of new utopias
Day 6. A decolonial cinema

The event series takes place online for now due to the pandemic. The link for joining the online event you can get by sending a mail to


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