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Brazylyan cineclub (EN)

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Every first Wednesday in the month we watch and discuss movies together starting with the first recorded images in Brazil until arriving at contemporary production.

Day 1. Once upon a time in Brazil: an eternal colony? will be hold ONLINE – zoom link through registering
Day 2. Cinema Novo and the aesthetics of hunger
Day 3. A marginal cinema in face of a military dictatorship
Day 4. Independent cinema: plural, multiple and peripheral
Day 5. Dystopian present: the emergence of new utopias
Day 6. A decolonial cinema

For each meeting, there is a recommended set of short films that will be available online with english subtitles and a couple of texts to enrich and enlighten the discussions in class. The classes will start with a short introduction on historical and aesthetic aspects of Brazilian history and film industry, followed by the screening of a movie and ending with an open-ended conversation between participants.

The course will be divided into two modules. Module I (Day 1,2 and 3) approaches some important
aspects of Brazilian history and how cinema helped to shape different imaginaries of the country’s national identity. From the condition of underdevelopment, Cinema Novo (1960 -196) and Cinema Marginal (1968 – 1973) offered a raw and brutal way to film the poverty of the fields and the chaotic trash of the cities.
The second module (Day 4,5 and 6) dives into the rich and prolific contemporary Brazilian cinema,
crossed by the possibility of a new kind of filmmaker to express their own points of view over the country’s brutal history of colonial occupation and to imagine futures for the dystopian present. As discussed by Amaranta Cesar, these emerging productions are committed to issues such as inequality and violence, becoming agents of their histories, situations and presences, through the “articulations between aesthetics, politics, militant engagement and formal invention”, bringing discussions around the themes of anti-colonialism, racial, class and gender oppression.

About the Lecturer: Rodrigo Campos, Bacharel in Film, organized many film clubs, worked inside archives with film preservation and research on Brazilian film history.

The event series takes place online for now due to the pandemic. The link for joining the online event you can get by sending a mail to


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