Open class - Intimacy Coordination in Film

15Mär19:0021:00Open class - Intimacy Coordination in Filmby Sondos Shabayek - Wednesday Event19:00 - 21:00(GMT+00:00) Lahnstraße 25


About the input :
Who is the intimacy coordinator, what do they do, when and why do we need them in film & theatre?
This session introduces intimacy coordination, the relatively new profession and offers filmmaking students a walk through the process of intimacy coordination for film projects.
The intimacy coordinator is not just there for scenes that include simulated sex, but also any scene that require any level of nudity, intimacy or vulnerability.
Together we will discuss and explore how to identify the need for an IC in your project and get a deeper understanding of the process of working with an IC. Starting with script analysis, discussions with director about the artistic vision of the scene, discussions with wardrobe about modesty garments, with production about closed set regulations, choreography of the intimate scenes, rehearsals and support to actors … and till the post production support the IC offers to the actors. We will also visit some of the guidelines, risk assessments, check lists and procedures that the
IC uses in productions, and discuss how having an IC can prevent violations onset and create safer spaces for actors and crew to work.
About the input giver :
Sondos Shabayek is an Egyptian filmmaker, acting coach and intimacy coordinator. She has over 12 years of experience working with actors and non-actors, facilitating storytelling workshops, documenting personal narratives, and directing theatre performances of women and gender-based stories.
Sondos’s work is dedicated to exploring authentically telling stories of herself and other women and being part of a truthful and honest representation of the lives of women on screen.
In 2022 Sondos was selected by Netflix and Safe sets intimacy coordinators for a sponsored training on intimacy coordination. And she is considered the first trained intimacy coordinator in the middle east. Sondos is also now part of Safe sets company (South African company offering intimacy coordinators for film, television and theatre. Safe Sets Intimacy also have coordinators in the UK and Spain, and collaborators across Europe, America, Brazil, Canada, Australia andNew Zealand). In this year’s Berlinale talents events, she was a speaker on a panel discussion about intimacy coordination titled ‚ÄúEvery Body: Working with Intimacy Coordinators‚ÄĚ.
Right now Sondos is based between Berlin and Cairo where she is working as an acting coach offering workshops and one on one coaching for actors & non actors, intimacy coordination for film and developing her first feature film about consent in consenual relationships.
Join us for her open class !


15/03/2023 19:00 - 21:00(GMT+00:00)

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