Premiere Pro CC Advanced

07Apr(Apr 7)10:0008(Apr 8)18:00Premiere Pro CC Advanced10:00 - 18:00 (8) Lahnstraße 25VeranstaltungWorkshop


This Premiere Pro Advanced Workshop is oriented to students with some Premiere Pro experience, or attendants of the previous Introduction Workshop.

The idea here is for the students to have a deep understanding of the software, and maximize its resources and tools, to edit content with efficiency, creativity and trouble-free!.

We’ll go deeper into the application, explore the new features of the latest releases, study advanced workflows in film production, like High Resolution media (4K and beyond), RAW formats, proxies generation for off-line edit, advanced color correction, integration with other programs, and other sophisticated techniques, tips, and tricks!

We’ll also discuss organizational and creative aspects of the editing process.

The students will also have the opportunity to ask questions, refresh their knowledge, and bring their own projects, to work on them and solve issues.


• Students must have the latest version of Premiere Pro CC installed in English on their laptops (Mac or PC). A free demo of this version can be downloaded from the Adobe web-site. The demo is totally functional for 7 days.

• Previous experience is required.

• Workshop is in English.


10:00-12:00 ADVANCED MEDIA AND ORGANIZATION Q&A: a time to solve doubts and issues, from the previous workshop. High-End workflows: working with high resolution media (4K and beyond, RAW, LUT’s). Proxies generation in Premiere. Workflow off-line, on-line. DaVinci Resolve to Premiere Pro workflow. Advanced organization techniques, in a film workflow. Smart bins. Organizing media in reel/select sequences. Working with multiple Premiere projects simultaneously.

12:00-12:10 Coffee/tea.

12:10-14:00 ADVANCED EDITING Advanced editing techniques. Fit to fill. The Trim Window. Asymmetric Trimming. Dynamic Trimming. Managing multiple sequences. Working with reels. Groping clips. Editing from sequence to sequence. Multi-cam Editing.

14:00-15:00 Lunch.

15:00-18:00 ADVANCED AUDIO Synchronizing external audio. Audio Multi-Channel configuration. Mixing Stereo/5.1. Essential Sound Panel. Audio enhancing. EQ. Audio cleaning. Clip/Track Effects. Reverbs.


10:00-12:00 ADVANCED EFFECTS Advanced Video Effects. Managing and saving Effects. Creating Masks. Mask animation. Mask tracking. Nesting clips. Adjustment Layer. Variable Speed Effects. Frame Blanding, Optical Flow. Chroma Key. Setting the right render codec. Rendering.

12:00-12:10 Coffee/Tea.

12:10-14:00 ADVANCED COLOR CORRECTION Color theory. Understanding flat profiles (V-Log, C-Log, S-Log). Waveform and Vectorscope: how to read them. The Lumetri Panel. Basic Correction, Creative, Curves, Color Wheels, Vignetting. Color grading, step by step. Secondary Color Correction: performing grades in just one area of color. Color key and refinement.

14:00-15:00 Lunch.

15:00-18:00 ADVANCED MASTERING, EXPORTING AND MEDIA MANAGEMENT Advanced conforming and mastering. Premiere Pro as a finishing tool. Relinking to High Quality media. Sequence settings, rendering, and high quality options. How to choose the right format and codec: ProRes, DNxHR, Cineform, Uncompressed… Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder. Exporting to DaVinci Resolve. Exporting to ProTools. Premiere Pro DCP plug-ing. Introduction to Premiere Pro-After Effects Integration. Media Management: how to move, copy and transcode media for archiving or workflow purposes, based on one or more sequences. Final Q&A.


Flavio G. García is a Berlin based award-winning filmmaker, film teacher, and postproduction expert. He’s a highly experienced editing instructor and creative coach, and teaches to all kind of students, from film professionals to video enthusiasts, since 2009. His workshops take place regularly in many film schools, production companies, institutions, and universities, like FilmArche, MIZ Babelsberg, ESDIP Berlin, DOCMA, DocumentaMadrid, and many others. He has also edited and post-produced several feature films. His movies as director have been shown in more than 40 international film festivals, museums and galleries. Some of his late workshops at FilmArche include: Premiere Pro, Thinking the Edit (Editing Theory Seminar), DaVinci Resolve Introduction and Advanced, Documentary Narrative Structure, and Film Editing Classes.



7 (Samstag) 10:00 - 8 (Sonntag) 18:00




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