Role Plays - Screening and discussion with director Jordane Maurs

13Sep19:00Role Plays - Screening and discussion with director Jordane Maurs19:00 Lahnstraße 25VeranstaltungMittwochsveranstaltung


About Role Plays:
Role Plays, (56 min, 2015, HD video) is a biographical and autobiographical documentary essay on humanitarian aid during neo-colonial times. I draw from my personal experience in Mali with those of Kévin and Bruno who start a career in humanitarian action with an internship in an NGO in Lomé, Togo. Coming back on my family’s colonial and slave-trade past, I question through five chapters, the humanitarian aid system’s psychological and societal organisation as it developed since the independences.

Jordane about herself:
The three films I directed as an independent filmmaker are rooted in a common concern: the contemporary relations between France and its former colonies on the African continent. This questioning is fed by my history and that of my family on which I dwell in a critical way. Being in dialog with the protagonists of my films I try to understand the complex relations of power, mirror identities, that spring from a non-elicited history in the making.


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