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Have you ever imagined yourself living in a different time, in a different culture, with different people? Would you make similar choices? Would you still be you? The Intuitive Story is a worldwide Roleplaying Game that happens in the most enigmatic and yet familiar place – our intuition. 

Five players team up to create a group and by using methods of trance and brainstorming they travel to a different period in human evolution to meet as new characters. Each character is embodied with a soul: The Victim, The Leader, The Romantic, The Realist and The Messiah. Now, as soulmates in THIS lifetime, they need discover what their shared story is. 

So where will you travel to? Past? Future? Who are you on Columbus’ ship or in World War 2? How old are? What do you look like? Who do you love? What makes you tick? Who is your gang and what is your story?  Join The Intuitive Story’s expedition and let’s travel!

About me, Noa. Leading The Intuitive Story at a Film School moves me a lot! This whole thing started as a script when I also studied filmmaking, so I’m very excited to explore with you. Other than leading The Intuitive Story Game I constantly practice the Intuitive Space in daily-life with myself and with others in private sessions; how to curiously observe – what is the force that drives me right now, as I interact with life- relationships, projects, people, myself and everything? Super interesting. 

Außerdem, I also studied acting, writing, theater and different methods of therapy. I live in Berlin since 2012, I’m 35 years old and I host Karaoke nights at “Monster Ronson’s ichiban karaoke” (!!)

Looking forward to travel with you

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