The Intuitive Story

21Nov19:0022:00The Intuitive Story19:00 - 22:00 Lahnstraße 25VeranstaltungMittwochsveranstaltung


The Intuitive story in filmARCHE functions in two ways – a GAME and a PRACTICE. In both cases we’re exploring intuitive listening so we can get in touch with our scripts and flames and let THEM guide us, to how they want to shine.

In THE GAME we create a NEW story. How? Five players team up to create a group and by using methods of trance and brainstorming they travel to a different period in human evolution to meet as new characters. Then, each character is embodied with a soul: The Victim, The Leader, The Romantic, The Realist & The Messiah. Now, as soulmates in THIS lifetime, they need discover what their shared story is. (Full weekend).

In THE PRACTICE we explore YOUR script and creative process; what motivates you to write – Fear or Love? By Love I mean the genuine passion and magic you had when you first knew you are an artist. Slowly and carefully we listen to the different voices in our heads and then slowly and softly check what comes from where. Not because “Love” is “better” than “Fear”, but because we want to be curious, honest and awake to what moves us in life. By exploring ourselves we’re developing empathy and deepen our view about our characters. We become less judgmental about them, ourselves and other people too. (Class & private session)


(Mittwoch) 19:00 - 22:00