Understanding Colour Grading & DaVinci Resolve

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Together with Sergi Sanchez, we will focus on the software DaVinci Resolve 14 as a tool to increase the production value of our shots. We will cover basic theory on light and colour spaces to understand concepts like gamma, codecs, mid-tone levels, 8bit, 10bit, what is 4:2:0 and what makes 4:4:4 and RAW different.

Understanding what do you grade for: cinema, web, TV. Rules on that. Correcting mistakes: underexposure, grain, overexposure, focus, white balance. Matching shots within a scene, even when shot with different cameras. How to deal with that. Avoiding on-set mistakes that are hard to correct on post. Keeping a consistent look throughout the scene. Creating a global look for your film.

The Workshop will be held in English is intended for people with basic knowledge on camera, light and /or editing softwares who want an introduction on DaVinci Resolve. Bring your own laptop with the software.

SERGI SANCHEZ:  Degree on Digital Media by the University of Barcelona (UAB) and further studies on Film and Digital Media at the University of California (UCSC). Stage in Warsaw (Poland) as a student of the director Mr. Krzystof Zanussi, Cannes Festival Jury Prize awarded. Based in Barcelona and Berlin, work includes commercials, fiction, documentary and image films. Sergi’s filmography as a colorist includes the feature film “Aventurera” (Director: Leonardo d’Antoni; Year: 2014), DAC Prize winner at Mar del Plata International FilmFest and “My Paradise“ (Director: Ekrem Heydo; Year: 2016), Peace Award winner at Duhok International Film Festival.

For more info on the workshop and to register, please contact Leonie Kock at leonie.kock@gmail.com


10 (Samstag) 10:00 - 11 (Sonntag) 18:00


Leonie Kock

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