Understanding Colour Grading & DaVinci Resolve

28Okt(Okt 28)10:0029(Okt 29)18:00Understanding Colour Grading & DaVinci Resolve10:00 - 18:00 (29) Lahnstra├če 25VeranstaltungWorkshop


In this workshop we will focus on the software DaVinci Resolve 14 as a tool to increase the production value of our shots.


Together with Sergi Sanchez we will cover basic theory on light and colour spaces to understand concepts like gamma, codecs, mid-tone levels, 8bit, 10bit, what is 4:2:0 and what makes 4:4:4 and RAW different.

Understanding what do you grade for: cinema, web, TV. Rules on that. Correcting mistakes: underexposure, grain, overexposure, focus, white balance. Matching shots within a scene, even when shot with different cameras. How to deal with that. Avoiding on-set mistakes that are hard to correct on post. Keeping a consistent look throughout the scene. Creating a global look for your film.

The Workshop is intended for people with basic knowledge on camera, light and/ or editing softwares who want an introduction on DaVinci Resolve.


SERGI SANCHEZ┬á(Barcelona, 1988). Degree on Digital Media by the University of Barcelona (UAB) and further studies on Film and Digital Media at the University of California (UCSC). Stage in Warsaw (Poland) as a student of the director Mr. Krzystof Zanussi, Cannes Festival Jury Prize awarded. Based in Barcelona and Berlin, work includes commercials, fiction, documentary and image films for clients like Getty Images, Red Bull Spain, Football Club Barcelona Presidential Elections, Perola Filmes or Roma Trial e.V. Sergi’s filmography as a colorist includes the feature film ÔÇťAventureraÔÇŁ (Director: Leonardo dÔÇÖAntoni; Year: 2014), DAC Prize winner at Mar del Plata International FilmFest and ÔÇťMy Paradise“ (Director: Ekrem Heydo; Year: 2016), Peace Award winner at Duhok International Film Festival.


28 (Samstag) 10:00 - 29 (Sonntag) 18:00


Ola Knaub


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