International Summer School 2024

Lights, Camera, Action: Craft a Short Film in Two Weeks!

Begin your filmmaking journey with our focused two-week course, perfectly suited for beginners. Hosted in the culturally vibrant city of Berlin, this English-language programme provides a comprehensive introduction to film production, from initial concept to the final cut.


Summer School 2024 Brochure
  • Welcome to the filmArche International Summer School 2024!

    Our two-week intensive course is specially crafted for beginners in both documentary and fictional fields who want to get their foot in the door in filmmaking. The English-language programme covers everything from idea development to final cut, engaging in hands-on workshops that encompass screenwriting, pre-production, directing, and using professional equipment. Finish by shooting your own short film, complemented by lessons on editing techniques and distribution strategies. No prior experience needed ‚ÄĒ just bring your passion for film and creativity!

    About filmArche

    filmArche is the largest self-organised film school in Europe, with a diverse background of students and tutors. We put a special emphasis on self-organization and awareness: encouraging collaborative decision-making, creativity, responsibility and allowing each team member to contribute their unique skills through a democratic process. The practice of awareness involves anti-discrimination strategies to create a safer, more inclusive environment for all crew members.

    Our Tutors

    At filmArche, our tutors come from diverse corners of the globe, each bringing a rich tapestry of cultural insights and professional expertise to our film school. This international background ensures that our students receive a well-rounded and inclusive education, reflective of the global nature of the film industry.

    Our tutors are not only accomplished filmmakers, screenwriters, and cinematographers but also passionate educators dedicated to the next generation of storytellers. Their unique skills span a wide array of disciplines within filmmaking, from directing and producing to editing and visual effects. This breadth of knowledge and experience provides our students with a comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking process.

  • Idea Development: Start your filmmaking journey by learning how to brainstorm and refine initial ideas into compelling stories.

    Screenwriting Essentials: Unlock the basics of scriptwriting, focusing on structure, character development, and dialogue to transform your ideas into a workable screenplay.

    Pre-Production Techniques: Prepare for a smooth shooting process by mastering the creation of shot lists and shooting schedules. Learn how to organize and plan your film efficiently.

    Directing Fundamentals: Step into the director’s shoes and learn how to guide actors or protagonists and manage a film set. Gain practical insights into visual storytelling and scene execution.

    Hands-On Equipment Training: Familiarize yourself with cameras, lighting, and sound equipment through hands-on workshops.

    On-Set Communication and Awareness: Learn essential communication skills and set etiquette to ensure a professional environment where everyone feels valued and no one is discriminated against during shoots.

    Film Shooting Experience: Experience the excitement of filming. Apply your skills in a real shooting environment as you work alongside your peers to produce your own short film.

    Post-Production Insights: Delve into the editing process. Learn how to edit your footage, integrate sound, and use editing software to shape the final version of your film.

    Distribution and Film Festivals: Gain an understanding of the film distribution process. Learn how to prepare your film for submission to festivals.

  • Dates: Saturday 20 July – Friday 2 Aug 2024

    Location: filmArche, Lahnstraße 25, 12055 Berlin

    Cost: 670 ‚ā¨

    Application deadline:  20 June 2024 15 June 2024

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  • If you have any questions regarding your application to the summer school, please contact us! We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.