Thinking the Edit

01Jul10:0002(Jul 2)18:00Thinking the Editwith Flavio García10:00 - 18:00 (2)(GMT+00:00) Lahnstraße 25VeranstaltungWorkshop


When does editing really start? Why does a cut happen in a particular moment?
How do angles, sizes, movement, sound and text articulate the story and the emotion?
“Thinking the edit!” is a film editing theory workshop, not oriented only to editors, but to anybody
(writers, directors, directors of photography, producers…) who wishes to think about the editing
process and film language. We base most of the theory and ideas on analyzing the editing in sequences from many different
movies and series, and discuss together about them. We learn the elements of editing analysis
and confront different sensibilities and style: narrative, experimental, documentary…
We also do a historical perspective, and cover some of the most interesting editing theories, focussing on contemporary trends and expressive use of editing. The goal of “Thinking the edit” is to make the students think about the edit in every stage of
their creative process, and incorporate it in their skills, and also to be aware of what a cut means, and how the shape of the edit produces meaning, feeling, and expression. This is a very participative workshop. The students will also be invited to bring a sequence to
analyze, either from pre-existing movies or projects of their own.
The magic space between the pixels.
Editing: what is it today?
The principles of film language.
Types of shots. Movements.
Standard narrative.
The meaning of size and angle.
The action axe.
The “rules” of editing, and why they don’t make sense any more (sometimes).
The fragmentation-composition of reality.
The process of editing in our daily life.
Historical perspective.
Editing as a technical process.
Editing as a recreation of the process of perception.
The most interesting editing theories.
The “Editing Effect”, by Jean Mitry.
The cut. The 6 elements of the cut.
Types of editing.

One-shot sequences: perspective, meaning, and discussion.
The duration of a shot.
Emotional editing vs. Intellectual editing.
Minimalist editing vs. Standard editing.
Continuity editing vs. Fragmentation editing.
Editing as a writing process.
Narrative elements: scenes, sequences, acts.
The Act structure.
Conflict driven editing.
Correlation structure-editing.
Narrative Spine Vs. Editing Effect.


1 (Samstag) 10:00 - 2 (Sonntag) 18:00(GMT+00:00)